In my paintings I try to anchor the viewer in the real world while encouraging contemplation of the metaphysical by taking familiar scenes and giving them a dreamlike, mythic quality. 

My love of painting comes from my mother, a painter with a passion for estate auctions. Wherever we were living at the time—Ohio, New York, Virginia—she would scour the weekend auction ads and off we’d go. I always gravitated to the local folk art for sale: the stoic portraits; the flat landscapes with their disconcerting perspectives. I saved my allowance to buy one of these strange paintings, but decided to paint one myself instead. I sold it, and this somehow convinced me that I could be an artist.

After earning a degree in art history with a minor in studio art from Swarthmore College, I thought I would go on to study art restoration, but the need to pay off student loans intervened. I moved to Boston, embarked on a career in the tech industry, eventually transferred to the Bay Area, and painted intermittently.


But in the back of my mind, there was always a singular goal: to live by the ocean and paint full-time. And finally, here we are. 






Instagram: lisalauerart