I paint in oils, primarily large-scale landscapes that take their inspiration from California’s wild and rugged North Coast. Thanks to its relative isolation, the North Coast is one of those special places that still embodies the mythic West:  Vast open spaces, austere beauty, and a mercurial Mother Nature. I think of landscapes as meditations on the elemental forces that shape the coast: weather, tides, erosion, tectonics, bloom and decay.

More recently, I've been exploring conceptual work, both representational and abstract. I like to contrast stillness with movement, and the physical with the metaphysical.

After earning a degree in art history from Swarthmore College, I lived and worked on the East Coast for many years before moving to the Bay Area. I feel very fortunate to now be able to paint full-time. I also sit on the board of the North Coast Artist Guild, an organization that promotes the work of local artists.


My studio is open year-round by appointment and for the annual Studio Discovery Tour in late summer.

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