Reason and Random

May, 2020


Coast Highway Artists Collective

Point Arena, CA


Translating concepts and feelings into physical art is never a clear, linear process. It’s uncomfortable and messy and endlessly frustrating. This show looks at how two artists approach the process of wrestling thoughts and perceptions into visual form.


Mike Connor practices what he likes to call "mindless" art. (He is supposedly the "random" part of this act. Hardly!) Mike's ethereal abstracts navigate his near-death experience, which he candidly describes as “going somewhere else.” His process involves regressive meditation, often using water as a metaphor. 

As the "reason" half of this act, I take a more literal approach. For this show, I used words and phrases collected from dreams, conversations—even scientific journals—that have particular resonance for me, and turned those concepts and thoughts into a visual narrative, using map-like forms as a springboard. 

It should be an interesting contrast, and we hope you'll join us Friday, May 1 from 4-6 pm for the opening at the Coast Highway Artists Collective in Point Arena.

Personal Perception

February 7 - March 1, 2020

Gualala Arts Center


For this show, artists were challenged to convey either how they perceive their community or how they believe the community perceives them.


When I moved to the North Coast several years ago, I didn’t fully understand the concept of community. Like many transplants, I'd been living a busy, anonymous life in the Bay Area. I wasn’t prepared for the connectedness that living in a rural area requires, or the time it takes to cultivate that connectedness. Little by little, I’ve come to treasure the unique community we share here.


In these portraits, I wanted to honor two women who represent many of the qualities—curiosity, independence, optimism and generosity—that make our tiny little community so wondrous. Both women are Midwesterners and pioneers in their own way; both give selflessly; both have a wicked sense of humor and delight in tweaking anything that reeks of pretense or the status quo; and both are extraordinarily accomplished, though neither would be inclined to let you know.


Sharon Nickodem has particular resonance for me because she paved the way for many women in the tech industry during her time at Intel. Sharon is not one to dwell on her laurels, and would much prefer to talk about art or science or politics or any of the million and one topics in which she has a keen interest. I view her as a true Renaissance woman, a mentor and a wise soul. 


Deann Tyler is an accomplished fiber artist. Her intricately embroidered quilts are a running commentary on women and their role in society, and every time I look closely at one of her pieces­ I have another “aha” moment. She has a unique ability to take any form of adversity and find humor in it. Above all, she is fearless.

© Lisa Lauer Fine Art, Gualala, CA